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Mutant X Interviews: Seth Howard (3/03 Comics Continuum)

Comics Continuum 3/1/03 and 3/27/03


Seth Howard of Tribune Entertainment told The Continuum that upcoming home releases of Mutant X from ADV Films will feature commentary from the series' stars.

ADV Films on Friday announced the acquisition of home distribution rights to Mutant X. The syndicated series, produced by Tribune Entertainment, Marvel Studios and Fireworks Entertainment, is in the middle of its second season and has been picked up for a third.

"The commentary for the first episode, 'The Shock of the New,' is provided by (director) T.J. Scott, Victor Webster and yours truly," Howard told The Continuum. "T.J. and Victoria Pratt provide the commentary for 'Fool For Love.'"

The release schedule and full features are yet to be determined.

"But it is produced by ADV and they are a first-class company that puts out the coolest DVDs," Howard said. "We are also trying to put on a behind-the-scenes documentary that was directed by Jake Shea, John's very talented son."

ADV Films has found success with another Tribune show, Andromeda.

"Mutant X is an exciting program, centered around a group of mutants who unwittingly possess fantastic powers," said ADV Films president, CEO and founder John Ledford. "Viewership proves that this is a formula that resonates strongly with viewers, and for good reason. No one is perfect, but everyone has hidden strengths."

Ledford said he is confident that Mutant X will be a strong home-video seller.

"For some time there has been strong fan interest and speculation about the possible home-video release of Mutant X," said Ledford. "I'm pleased that ADV Films has been chosen by Tribune Entertainment to distribute the series."

Meanwhile, filming of Season 2 of Mutant X has wrapped, with the final episodes airing in May, and Howard told The Continuum work has begun on Season 3. "Peter Mohan and Jonathon Hackett have already signed on for the next season and I just got back from Toronto, where we mapped out what we want to do creatively," Howard said. "Peter and his writing team are off and running."


The Mutant X Season One, Disc One DVD from ADV Films has been scheduled for a June 24 release.

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