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Mutant X Articles: 4/25/03, 5/13/03 "Lest He Become"

Excerpt from Comics Continuum 4/25/03 and 5/13/03

Mutant X Update

In other Mutant X news, The Continuum has obtained nine images from "Lest He Become," the second-season finale set to air in syndication the week of May 12. In the episode, a reluctant Shalimar must reconnect with her estranged father when the Mutant X teams learns his company is involved in genetic testing and manipulation.

Eugene Robert Glazer plays Shalimar's father. Also look for the return of Mason Eckhart, again played by Tom McCamus.

The episode was written by Peter Mohan, the show's supervising producer and head writer, and was directed by producer Jonathan Hackett.


"Lest He Becomes," the second-season finale of Mutant X, airs in syndication this week.

The episode was written by Peter Mohan and directed by Jonathan Hackett.

Below the photos is a complete synopsis, with spoilers. Click the thumbnails for larger and fuller images.

Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) meet with two mysterious men, Rucker (Rob Archer) and Silva (Richard Stroh), who are after highly confidential medical records. Demanding to know why they are there instead of Haines (James McGowen), Jesse reassures them that they have the information they want.

Feeling set-up, Rucker lashes out at Brennan. Although his fist misses, Brennan goes flying across the room as if it was a direct hit. Silva then throws a ball of energy at Jesse, who masses out, but falls to the ground in pain when the energy hits him.

Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith), who have been watching on a monitor, rush in, but Rucker stops them with a telekinetic slap and he and Silva escape.

Back at Sanctuary, the team tells Adam (John Shea) about the two powerful mutants they encountered. Watching the footage from Brennan's flex cam, Adam realizes someone wants the records to crack the primal genetic code.

A terrified Haines suddenly calls Adam and insists he's going to the police for help. Having tracked Haines' location, Adam sends Brennan and Shalimar to get him, but Silva and Rucker find him first. Brennan and Shalimar reach Haines' car moments later only to find him dead. As Brennan relays the news to Adam, Shalimar spots a nearby security camera and informs Jesse, who taps into its records. Finding the killers' license plate on the footage, he learns that the car is registered to Naxcon Corp., Shalimar's father's company.

Adam informs the team that whoever killed Haines is looking for a list of specific people whose genetic material is needed to break the genetic code. Believing the source is at Naxcon, he tells Shalimar to go see her father and search for clues.

She quickly refuses, painfully telling the team that she hasn't spoken to her father since he put her in a psychiatric institution when she was 12 years old because he thought it would make her normal. She was given drugs and beaten until one night when she fought back with her feral powers and escaped. Since then, she never felt that she had a father until Adam came along. Realizing that she must help the team, she calls her father to arrange a meeting.

At Naxcon, Nicholas Fox (Eugene Robert Glazer) greets Shalimar and begins giving her a tour of the facility.

Meanwhile, Adam tells Emma he's broken into Haines' computer files and is waiting to confirm the names of the people on the list. Adam and Jesse watch Shalimar on a monitor as she and Fox come across a heavily secured elevator. When Shalimar asks her father where it leads to, he simply tells her it's where they conduct sensitive tests. In Fox's office, he tells her that he's been researching Adam Kane and knows he's up to no good, but refuses to elaborate.

After Shalimar leaves, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) enters and assures Fox that he'll have his daughter back soon.

Knowing they'll have to move fast, Adam insists Shalimar and Jesse go back to Naxcon immediately. Emma then enters and tells the group she has the names from Haines' computer. An edgy Adam tells Brennan and Emma to find the people and walks out. Emma follows Adam and lets him know that his name was on the list and she wants to know why, but he refuses to answer.

In the Double Helix, Emma tells Brennan the first person on the list has disappeared. Arriving at a flower shop owned by Elizabeth Burton (Katie Bergin), the second name on the list, they find Rucker, Silva and two other mutants taking samples of her blood. One of the mutants, Mal (Eddie McGee), who has only one leg, forcefully attacks Brennan while Emma hits Rucker with a telempathic starburst that sends him flying. But Silva suddenly launches a wave of pain at Emma and as she collapses, they escape leaving a dead Rucker behind. As Brennan tends to a terrified Burton, Emma tells him that her starburst shouldn't have killed Rucker.

Shalimar and Jesse arrive at Naxcon and use a fake ID badge and a holographic eyeball to access the elevator. Entering a laboratory containing cages of animals and bottles holding unborn fetuses, Jesse finds the main computer and begins downloading the database.

Hearing the elevator, Shalimar and Jesse hide just as Eckhart and a mutant enter. Shocked to see that Fox is involved with Eckhart, Jesse and Shalimar escape unnoticed.

Later at Sanctuary, Adam tells the team that Eckhart desperately needs the blood samples in order to perfect the process of selective mutation. Knowing that Adam isn't revealing all that he knows, Emma uses a starburst to force him to admit everything. He finally confesses that Eckhart got the information he needed from Adam's research many years ago.

Upset that Adam wasn't truthful, Brennan and Shalimar rush to Naxcon to convince Fox that Eckhart is a murderer. As Shalimar confronts Fox, a force field suddenly freezes her and Brennan in place.

After receiving a call from Eckhart, Adam, Jesse and Emma rush off to Naxcon, all knowing that Adam is the final link that Eckhart needs to take over the world.

At Naxcon, Jesse breaks Brennan and Shalimar free from the force field while Adam distracts Eckhart.

As a fight breaks out amongst Mutant X and Eckhart's men, an alarm suddenly sounds and a guilt-stricken Fox informs everyone that he's just opened the steam valves and that the building will soon explode. Eckhart and his men quickly rush out, but Mutant X is cut off from the main exit. Fox leads them to a corridor and, as they race down the hall, the structure suddenly breaks away from the rest of the building and sinks into the water below.

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