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Mutant X Articles: 7/7/03 Lauren out, Karen in, John to return

Comics Continuum 7/7/03


The cast of Mutant X will change for its third season, The Continuum has learned. According to a posting on her website by Lauren Lee Smith, who played Emma, she will not be a cast member for Season 3.

"I will not be returning to Mutant X for Season 3," Smith wrote. "Other changes have been made on the show that you will find out eventually...don't ask! Believe me, this came as a shock to me as well! I truly enjoyed the two seasons I got to play Emma, and had such a great time, and you guys made it all thank you. I'm currently working on a new series which I'm really excited about, but I'm not gonna give too many details just yet."

Sources told The Continuum that Karen Cliche will join the cast as a character called Lexa. Cliche starred in Adventure, Inc. this past season. The show was produced by Tribune Entertainment, which also produces Mutant X.

Cliche played Mackenzie Previn (pictured here) in Adventure, Inc.

As of Monday afternoon, representatives of the show had not returned The Continuum's requests for confirmation of cast changes. According to a public relations representative for Tribune, announcements about the third season of Mutant X will be made in the next two weeks.

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Comics Continuum 7/11/03


Tribune Entertainment on Thursday night confirmed for The Continuum that Karen Cliche has joined the cast of Mutant X and provided details about her role.

Cliche, who most recently starred as Mackenzie Previn in the syndicated action series Adventure, Inc., will play Lexa Pierce, an "intriguing new character with a shadowy past." Like the members of the Mutant X team, Lexa was also the unwitting subject of genetic experimentation gone awry and, as a result, has special powers that allow her to manipulate light in amazing ways.

According to Tribune, Victor Webster (Brennan), Victoria Pratt (Shalimar) and Forbes March (Jesse) are returning for the third season of Mutant X, which begins in syndication the week of Sept. 29.

Lauren Lee Smith, who played Emma, confirmed on her web site that she will not be returning for Season 3. Tribune has not indicated if John Shea, who plays Adam, will be back.

The second season of Mutant X ended on a cliffhanger, with all the main characters in jeopardy.

Cliche's series television credits include the MTV drama Undressed; the Muse Entertainment/ Spelling Television series All Souls; and Fox Family's Big Wolf on Campus. She co-starred with Adam Baldwin in the Francis Ford Coppola pilot Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and with Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher in the made-for-television movie Protection. She has also appeared in a number of other TV movies, including Race Against Time with Eric Roberts.

On the big screen, Cliche appeared in Miramax's action thriller Steal, starring Stephen Dorff and Natasha Henstridge. She also starred in Summer, a feature film tribute to the filmmaking of John Hughes.

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Comics Continuum: 7/25/03 (Similar article in SciFi Wire 7/28/03)


John Shea will not be returning as a cast member of Mutant X for its third season, but will be featured as a "special recurring guest star," according to Tribune Entertainment.

Tribune announced that the third season of the show will begin in syndication the week of Sept. 29 and provided The Continuum with an overview for the new season.

The season will also see a cast change, as Karen Cliche will play a new character, Lexa Pierce, and Lauren Lee Smith, who played Emma, will not be returning. Victor Webster (Brennan), Victoria Pratt (Shalimar) and Forbes March (Jesse) will all return.

Here are some of the major points of the overview:

* In the season premiere, "Into the Moonless Night," Lexa Pierce, the new character with a shadowy past, is introduced. Like the members of the Mutant X team, Lexa was also the unwitting subject of genetic experimentation gone awry and as a result, has special powers that allow her to manipulate light in amazing ways.

* Everything the Mutant X team thought they knew about their world and Sanctuary no longer applies. They learn, both through Lexa and their missions, that they are part of a much larger experiment than their leader, Adam Kane, had led them to believe. Just as the team thinks they're starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together, Lexa makes them realize once again how naïve and sheltered they have been.

* Lexa arrives with her own personal and professional agenda, which will remain hidden from the Mutant X team for some time. Parts of her past will gradually unfold, including her association with Adam Kane, but the team won't be immediately aware of her ultimate mission/goal.

* Last season, as the far as the Mutant X team knew, Adam was simply trying to protect the world against the evils of unbridled genetic research. What is learned this season is that he was actually part of a much bigger picture and was responding to pressures the Mutant X team knew nothing about.

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Comics Continuum 12/6/03


John Shea is returning to his role as Adam Kane for four episodes of Mutant X this season, The Continuum has learned.

Shea hasn't begun filming yet, but is in Toronto for pre-production. He appeared in every episode of the first two seasons, but Adam's character came up missing after the second-season cliffhanger.

Another regular character from the first two seasons, Emma de Lauro (played by Lauren Lee Smith), was declared dead. She was replaced in Mutant X by Lexa Pierce (played by Karen Cliche).

In other Mutant X news:

* Tribune Entertainment, which syndicates the series, has released three more upcoming episode titles and dates: "Possibilities" the week of Jan. 26, Conspiracy Theory the week of Feb. 2 and "Art of Attraction" the week of Feb. 9.

* For a complete listing of this season's episodes, CLICK HERE.

* Look for more Mutant X news, including an interview with Victoria Pratt, soon here in The Continuum.

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Comics Continuum 1/31/04


The character of Adam Kane is expected to return to Mutant X sometime during the February sweeps, sources told The Continuum.

Adam, played by John Shea, was the leader of Mutant X during the first two seasons of the show, but was thought to have died in last season's cliffhanger.

Tribune Entertainment, which produces Mutant X, listed Shea as a special guest star for the third season. Shea is expected to appear in approximately four episodes.

In other Mutant X news, The Continuum has obtained the following loglines for the next two new episodes:

* "Conspiracy Theory." While Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) investigate a mysterious plane crash, Lexa (Karen Cliche) contemplates her future with the Mutant X team.

* "Art of Attraction." As the Mutant X team fights to retrieve a formula hidden in a collection of artwork, Shalimar is given vital information from a mysterious source.

The image above is from "Conspiracy Theory."

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