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Mutant X Articles: 9/29/03 Past as Prologue Gemini nominee

Excerpt from Playback Magazine 9/29/03

Who will step up to the podium? 2003 Gemini Nominees


Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Dramatic Program or Series

John Blackie - Agent of Influence (Alberta Filmworks/Galafilm)
Michael Diner, Kate Marshall, Catherine Schroer - Da Vinci's Inquest "Dizzy Looking Down" (Haddock/Barna-Alper)
Paul Ames, Jerri Thrasher - Hemingway vs. Callaghan (Shaftesbury)
John Blackie - Mutant X "Past as Prologue" (Fireworks)
Richard Hudolin, Mark Davidson, Robert Davidson, Brentan Harron, Bridget McGuire, Doug McLean, Ivana Vasak - Stargate SG-1 "Summit" (Kawoosh!)
Craig Sandells - The Atwood Stories "Betty" (Shaftesbury/Original)

Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series

Ross Nykiforuk, Rob Bryanton, Jason Cullimore - 2030CE "The Saboteur" (Buffalo Gal Pictures/Angela Bruce Productions/Yan Moore Productions)
James Jandrisch - Cold Squad "Flamers" (Keatley MacLeod/AAC)
George Blondheim - Da Vinci's Inquest "A Big Whiff Of A Real Bad Smell" (Haddock/Barna-Alper)
Donald Quan - Mutant X "Time Squared" (Fireworks)
David Greene, Mike Batt, Eric Robertson - Watership Down "The Last Battle" (Decode/Alltime Entertainment)

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