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Mutant X Articles: 10/3/03 "The Breed"

Comics Continuum 10/3/03


"The Breed," a new episode of Mutant X, is scheduled to air in syndication the week of Oct. 13. Here's how Tribune Entertainment describes the episode: "The Mutant X team is brought in to help a military base that has become infected with a deadly disease."

The episode was written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Jorge Montesi.

In other Mutant X news:

* Victoria Pratt, who plays Shalimar, was a guest on ESPN radio on Thursday to promote this week's third-season premiere. Pratt discussed her athletic career and her action/adventure roles.

* For a thorough plot synposis of the season opener, complete with spoilers and details of what happened to such characters as Emma and Adam, as well as how Lexa is introduced, CLICK HERE.

* Look for more Mutant X news on Monday here in The Continuum.

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Starburst 10/13/03, on

The Breed
Written by Michelle Lovretta
Directed by Jorge Montesi

The Story
When a military base becomes infected with a deadly disease that turns its victims into anry, snarling imbeciles, the uncanny Mutant X team receive a distress call from a doctor who informs them that the project they wereworking on has gone pear-shaped and it would be great if they could come and give a little help. The team accept the challenge and must then get past a heavy military presence gurading the base and attempt to contain and neutralize this nasty little plague before it spreads to the outside world.

The Verdict
Considering that this story was a bout a deadly plague, it seems quite apt that the whole thing plagued me. The team stroll into this base wearing skimpy vests (Shalimar was dressed like she was going to a nightclub), knowing full well that they're dealing with a disease that can be spread by a bunch of blood-crazed freaks who would just love a bite of Human flesh.
Naturally, big Jesse decides it's best if he remains behind ot sit at his computer and bark orders to the rest of the team. What made me laught was the dialogue, notably when Major Klein tells Jesse "Your team took a very big risk going in there." And Jesse replies with, "That's what we do."
Later, when Lexa confronts Dr. Crippen about his unethical experiments, the good doctor fires a dart into her neck and mutters "Everything would've been fine if you'd stayed out of it!" which wasn't a million miles away from "I would've got away with it, if it wasn't for you pesky kids!"

The Best Bit
Shalimar throws an infected Brennan against an electrical fence, in an attempt to cure him of his ills.

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