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Mutant X Articles: 10/10/03, 10/22/03 "Where Evil Dwells"

Comics Continuum 10/10/03 and 10/22/03


"Where Evil Dwells," a new episode of Mutant X, is scheduled to air in syndication the week of Oct. 20. Here's how the episode is described: "The Mutant X team must stop a serial killer who leaves clues to his next victims in the form of puzzles."

Pragna Desai guest-stars in the episode as Andrea Marshall, a psionic and friend of Shalimar's.

"Where Evil Dwells" was written by Bob Carney and directed by Andrew Potter.

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"Where Evil Dwells," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Bob Carney and directed by Andrew Potter.

Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Lee Marker (Joe Scoren), a creepy man in his 30's, scribbles on the wall of his Dark Waters Psychiatric cell. He steps back and admires his work, which reads "A Stitch in Time."

Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) enters a crime scene where the corpse of a woman was found with a paper pinned to her chest with the message "A Stitch in Time." Pushing through the crowd, he finds Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and her friend Andrea Marshall (Pragna Desai), a profiler for the Justice Dept. who is shaken by the experience.

After introducing Andrea and Brennan, Shalimar explains that Andrea is a psionic and was in the mind of the killer and saw the murder happen, but doesn't know who did it. She tells them that it looks like the work of the Puzzle Killer, but that it's impossible since he's been in a psychiatric prison for the last two years.

As the corpse is wheeled away, Shalimar insists they take Andrea back to Sanctuary and help her find the killer.

At Sanctuary, Andrea tells Shalimar and Lexa (Karen Cliche) about the Puzzle Killer, Lee Marker, and his 30 victims, all of whom he left the location of his next murder pinned to. Since these new murders are identical to his, Andrea believes the killer is tuning into Maker's mind.

Jesse (Forbes March) searches the Mutant database to see if anyone matches the profile while Shalimar and Andrea visit Marker. The two arrive at Dark Waters Psychiatric and enter a room separated from Marker's cell by bulletproof glass. After introducing Shalimar, Marker calls her Sham liar -- an anagram -- claiming there's often truth in puzzles. Andrea then demands to know who the next murder victim will be. When Marker doesn't answer, she creates a mass of psionic energy, which she shoots into Marker's mind. He gives into the connection and Andrea begins to see visions through the killer¹s eyes.

Later, Jesse hooks Andrea up to a brain scanner and the images she witnessed in her head appear on the monitor. One of the images is a clock and Lexa is confident that it's the Parrington Bank Tower.

They radio Brennan, who immediately goes to the Tower and spots a Mobile Needlework van, which he realizes is part of the anagram. Opening the van's door, the team finds the dead body of a girl with a paper with the numbers 42168258 pinned to her chest.

Back at Sanctuary, the team desperately tries to figure out the meaning behind the numbers while Andrea and Shalimar pay Marker another visit. At the hospital, Andrea connects with him and sees visions of slashing knives, a dark warehouse and bone saws. Shalimar rushes over as Andrea suddenly clutches her head, breaks the connection and falls unconscious.

Back at Sanctuary, the team again scans Andrea's brain and dark disturbing images fill the screen. Her eyes shoot open and she informs them that the next murder will take place at a chemical warehouse.

Realizing that the numbers are coordinates for the location, Jesse determines that A&S Medical Supplies is the spot. When Andrea reveals that Marker used to work there, Brennan insists she come along. The team reaches the building and leave Andrea in the car while they investigate. Alone, Andrea has a vision of someone moving through the building and she radios Brennan to let him know.

Suddenly a shadowy figure pushes a rack of tanks over, which narrowly misses Brennan and Lexa. The two race out as chlorine fills the room and they realize they were set up.

At Sanctuary, Andrea tries to make sense of the incident, insisting that Marker can't control the images she sees. Shalimar decides that she wants to go to the hospital alone, convinced that Marker will let his guard down. Everyone agrees that Shalimar will need to physically be in his cell to achieve this.

That night, Brennan, dressed as a prison guard and Jesse as an inmate, enter the hospital and clear the security guard station with an invisible Lexa by their side. Lexa ducks into a utility closet and sets up a looped video of Marker, which she feeds into the security monitors.

Shalimar and Andrea arrive and Jesse phases Shalimar through the wall and into the cell. Shalimar confronts Marker about the next victim, while Andrea connects to him. Frustrated with his games, Shalimar slams him against the wall.

Meanwhile, Andrea reveals to Brennan that she is the next victim. Back at the lab, the team realizes that Andrea has taken off and they split up to search for her.

When Shalimar finds her outside an Abattoir, she claims she was drawn to something on the top floor of the building. Shalimar orders Andrea to get herself to safety while she investigates. Inside, the floorboards give way and Shalimar falls four stories and lands lifeless at the mouth of a machine.

Back at the hospital, Andrea connects with Marker and her disturbing visions reveal that she is actually the killer. She tells Marker that she understands her mission and the two embrace.

To Marker's delight, Andrea stabs him and becomes the living embodiment of him.

Back at Sanctuary, Jesse fine tunes one of the images and realizes that Andrea is the killer. Scared for Shalimar¹s safety, the team races to find her. Tapping into the hospital's surveillance cameras, Jesse sees that Marker is dead and the clue "Marie Talbot" is written on the wall.

Back at the Abattoir, Shalimar tries to talk sense into Andrea, but she pulls out a butcher knife and uses her psionic powers to freeze Shalimar in place. Just as she's about to stab Shalimar, Brennan bursts in and shoots a tesla coil at Andrea, but she takes off running. Shalimar follows her onto the roof, and for a brief moment the real Andrea surfaces and tells Shalimar to get away. Shalimar reaches for the knife, but Andrea suddenly loses her footing and falls to her death.

Later at Sanctuary, Brennan consoles Shalimar and assures her that Andrea was an amazing woman.

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Starburst 10/13/03, on

Where Evil Dwells
Written by Bob Carney
Directed by Andrew Potter

The Story
The Mutant X team are called to uncover the mystery of the Puzzle Killer (that's right, folks, it's a killer who leaves puzzles) when the corpse of a woman is found with a cryptic message pinned to her chest -- a message leading to the exact location of his next murder. Although, as the Puzzle Killer has been locked away in a psychiatric prison for the last two years (best place for him really) it would appear that a copycat killer is on the loose but sadly, things can't be that simple.

The Verdict
This episode simply puzzled me. How did they get away with it? When Andrea was led into the prison to face the creep in the glass cell, I was just waiting for him to say "Hello Clarice" and be done with it. To say that this episode borrows slightly from the Silence of the Lambs would be a slight understatement. Not only that but the whole concept of Andrea being 'hooked up' to see the scene of the next crime smelt a bit like Minority Report. Yes, it would appear that a copycat killer was on the loose after all.
Sadly, the characters seem to lack any kind of common sense, conviction, or anything that makes me want to care about them at all. Lexa and Brennan walk into a trap which nearly kills them and then deduce "it's a trap!" while Shalimar defies logic by attempting to confrot the killer alone, in an abandoned abattoir. I assume that this is where they held the production meetings and butchered this story.

The Best Bit
The moment it was all over.

David Hill

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