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Mutant X Articles: 1/21/04 Mutant X renewed for season 4

Excerpt from The Futon Critic: 1/21/04

2004 NATPE Wrap-Up Report
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC) Wednesday, January 21, 2004

CHICAGO ( -- The 41st Annual National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference wrapped on Tuesday in which syndicators peddled their programs to station managers from across the country. Here's a breakdown of the latest news from the event, listed by series:
ANDROMEDA (Tribune) - The fifth and final season of the syndicated drama has been given a green light on more than 140 local stations covering 85% of the country. Among those renewing the series are the Tribune-owned stations in New York (WPIX), Los Angeles (KTLA), Chicago (WGN), Philadelphia (WPHL), Boston (WLVI) and Denver (KWGN). "Andromeda's" fifth season however will originate on Sci Fi Channel with local stations carrying the encore 7-10 days after its premiere on the cable network.
MUTANT X (Tribune) - The syndicated drama has been picked up for a fourth season, making it the only first-run drama series airing exclusively in syndication in the U.S. The series will continue on Tribune stations and other outlets in more than 140 markets, representing more than 85% of the country.

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Comics Continuum 1/21/04


Tribune Entertainment has announced it is renewing Mutant X for a fourth season in syndication. Tribune also picked up Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda for a fifth season. Both programs have been cleared in more than 140 markets across the United States, including 45 of the top 50 markets, representing more than 85 percent of the country. The programs have been cleared by the Tribune Broadcasting station group, which includes, WPIX/New York, KTLA/Los Angeles, WGN/Chicago, WPHL/Philadelphia, WLVI/Boston, KWGN/Denver and KDAF/Dallas.

"These two strong action hours have developed passionate fan bases and deliver audiences for the station community, which clearly recognizes these programs' value," said Dick Askin, president and CEO for Tribune Entertainment. "We've been more than pleased with the success of each hour throughout their runs and are proud to renew Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and Mutant X."

Mutant X debuted as the No. 1 first-run weekly hour of the season in 2001 and has ranked in the top three first-run weekly hours every season it's been on the air.

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Mania TV 2/3/04

SCOOP: Shea returns full-time in next year's MUTANT X
By: Patrick Sauriol, News Editor Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2004

You never know who you might bump into...

A reader wrote in to say that they bumped into MUTANT X actor John Shea while he was on the way to Toronto to film an appearance in another third season episode. Shea's involvement in this year's run of MUTANT X has been reduced to a supporting capacity.

According to our scooper, Shea told them that the show will be returning next year and that there are plans for his character to return full-time next season. Official word about a fourth season for MUTANT X was just announced two weeks ago. There had been concerns that Tribune Entertainment would not want to renew the film after its legal trouble with Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. Tribune has filed suit against Marvel now citing that the changes needed to make the TV show different from the X-MEN universe cost the profit potential for the company.

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