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Mutant X Articles: 1/22/04, 1/26/04 "Possibilities"

Comics Continuum 1/22/04 and 1/26/04


Rachel Crawford is playing a time-traveling mutant in "Possibilities," the new episode of Mutant X that is airing the week of Jan. 26. In the episode, Brennan (Victor Webster) and the Mutant X team join forces with Crawford's character to diffuse a bomb threatening devastating consequences. "Possibilities" is written by Lisa Steele and directed by Rene Bonniere.

In other Mutant X news:

Tribune Entertainment has released the schedule of episodes through the February sweeps. Titles include "Conspiracy Theory" the week of Feb. 2; "Art of Attraction" the week of Feb. 9; "A Normal Life" the week of Feb. 16 and "Divided Loyalties" the week of Feb. 23.

For the latest version of the Season 3 schedule, CLICK HERE.


"Possibilities," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Lisa Steele and directed by Rene Bonniere.

Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) are playfully chasing each other around Sanctuary when Lexa (Karen Cliche) interrupts them. She says the Dominion has asked them to meet a woman named Samantha Bennett (Rachael Crawford) at Broder Biochem who has information that could save hundreds of lives.

After waiting for Samantha at Broder Biochem for over an hour, Brennan leaves to search for her. He soon runs into her and she quickly hustles him down a hall, explaining that she was detained at Loire Industries and that they don¹t have much time.

She takes him into a restricted access area where two mutants are preparing to detonate a bomb. One of the mutant's fires a burst of dark energy at Samantha, but Brennan pushes her to safety and fires off a telsa coil. When the second mutant hurls sharp needles at him, Brennan dodges them and hits him with a telsa coil as well. The blast inadvertently knocks the mutant into the bomb's trigger switch and as the deadly countdown begins, Samantha grabs Brennan and seconds later, he finds himself back in Sanctuary playing around with Shalimar.

When Lexa enters and tells the team that they need to go to Broder Biochem right away, Brennan thinks it's a joke since they just came from there, but soon realizes something unusual is happening.

After telling them about the failed mission at Broder Biochem, he rushes off to Loire Industries, hoping Samantha is there and can shed light on the situation.

Meanwhile, Lexa heads to Broder Biochem while Shalimar and Jesse (Forbes March) investigate Loire Industries. When Brennan arrives at Loire Industries, he zaps the guard and runs inside. He bursts into the room where Samantha is tied to a chair and fires a bolt of electricity at the man who is guarding her. Another guard appears and shoots him in the arm, but Brennan shoots him back with a tesla coil and frees Samantha.

Back at Sanctuary, Jesse comlinks Lexa after learning that Lawrence Bosch (Alan Blenkinsopp) runs Loire Industries. Lexa informs them that Bosch has killed hundreds of people in his quest to develop genetically based drugs.

Now knowing Bosch is connected to their mission, Shalimar and Jesse head to Broder Biochem to help Lexa.

Meanwhile, Brennan drives as Samantha bandages his wound and explains that she is a mutant with the ability to throw her consciousness back in time a short distance. He is the first person, however, to remember traveling with her and that it may be because he too is a mutant. She then asks his help in trying to stop the bomb, as she's been unable to in her previous attempts.

Arriving at the facility, Shalimar's feral senses detect blood and as she leads Lexa and Jesse toward it, she comlinks Brennan to tell him they may have found the bomb. Brennan warns them that their lives are at risk, but they don¹t listen. Jesse then phases Shalimar and Lexa inside a room where they find an executive dead on the floor and the two mutants standing by the bomb.

Brennan and Samantha burst onto the scene and Brennan hits one of the mutants with an electricity bolt as Lexa takes the other one out with a blast of light. Brennan then rushes towards the bomb, but one of the mutants staggers to his feet and hits the trigger.

Samantha immediately grabs Brennan and he once again finds himself in Sanctuary with Shalimar. He tells the team to wait for him while he goes to Loire Industries to get Samantha.

When they return to Sanctuary to explain what's happening, Samantha tells the team that Bosch's most profitable drugs are threatened by Broder Biochem's new genetic technology and that he's planting a bomb inside the building.

As Jesse and Lexa work on a plan to disarm the bomb, Lexa reveals that Bosch killed her former team members and, therefore, he is on her hit list. Samantha confides to Brennan that Bosch used her abilities in research for his drugs and when she learned of his plans for the bomb, she knew she had to stop him.

Back at Broder Biochem, Brennan and Samantha lead Jesse to the room where the bomb is. Brennan comlinks Shalimar and Lexa to let them know that they're ready to move in, but when Lexa doesn't respond, the team proceeds without her. They burst into the room, take out the mutants and Jesse examines the bomb.

Outside the facility, Lexa sees Bosch in a limo, but when he spots her, he uses a remote to trigger the bomb. Just then Jesse informs the team that the bomb is armed. Samantha again grabs Brennan, but this time, they only travel back to the point when Brennan first brought her to Sanctuary. Samantha explains that she couldn't take them all the way back because her condition is weakened from the constant use of her powers.

Brennan fills the team in on everything except for Bosch's involvement and shows Jesse what the bomb looks like. The team then realizes that the elevator shaft should contain the blast if Jesse is unable to disarm the bomb.

Wanting to buy them some time, Samantha takes Brennan back to when he was with Shalimar and he quickly explains the situation to her as he leaves for Loire Industries.

Meanwhile, Lexa becomes eager to face Bosch when she learns through her contact at the Dominion that he is connected to Loire.

A short time later, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa meet Brennan at Broder Biochem. When the mutants arrive with the bomb, Mutant X takes them out and puts the bomb in the elevator. Noticing Lexa has suddenly disappeared, Brennan sends Shalimar to find her. Finding Lexa outside, Shalimar confronts her, but Bosch sees them and runs Shalimar over with his limo. Lexa relays this to Brennan, who begs Samantha to turn back time again to save his friend.

With Samantha's powers fading, she is only able to send Brennan back a few moments. Before he goes, he warns Lexa not to go after Bosch until the bomb is disarmed.

When the mutants arrive, one of them hits Brennan with a metal shard and he goes down. Overwhelmed by the thought of losing Brennan, Samantha immediately travels back and leaps in front of Brennan, taking the hit instead.

After the team takes the mutants out, Jesse phases his arm through all the wires on the bomb, masses out and cuts them simultaneously, diffusing the bomb. Seconds later, Samantha dies in Brennan¹s arms.

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