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Mutant X Articles: 2/23/04 "Divided Loyalties"

Comics Continuum 2/23/04


"Divided Loyalties," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Elizabeth Keyishian and David S. Wilks and directed by Richard Flower. Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Inside a bank vault, four men knock out a guard as they move toward the safety deposit boxes. One of the men, Einstein (Stuart Stone), uses a laptop computer to find the box they're looking for and Nick (Aleks Paunovic), the explosives expert, blows the lock.

The other two, Ethan (Robert Seeliger) and Cole (Daniel Petronijevic), dump the contents of the box on the floor and Einstein picks up a hologram key. He hands it to Ethan and the four are about to leave when the guard comes to and shoots Einstein in the leg. As Cole and Nick rush out, Ethan shoots the guard and then kills Einstein.

The next morning, the Mutant X team watches security footage from the bank. Seeing the key, Lexa (Karen Cliche) informs them that it opens another safety deposit box that holds a disk containing the Dominion's genetic research program. Brennan (Victor Webster) suddenly recognizes Cole as his partner in crime before he came to Mutant X and agrees to infiltrate the gang to find out whom they stole the key.

As Jesse (Forbes March) puts together a rap sheet on Brennan to make it seem as if he¹s been in prison since he last saw Cole, he suddenly discovers that Adam had already created one.

That night, Brennan is outside the bar that he and Cole frequented when he hears Adam's (John Shea) voice behind him. Brennan turns to find Adam's hologram in the alley. His shock turns to anger and he refuses to listen when Adam warns that he is in danger.

Brennan storms off and enters the bar where he sees Cole ordering a drink. Cole is stunned to see Brennan, but is excited when he says he's ready to get back in on the action. Cole agrees to introduce Brennan to the man he's working with and leads him to a back room where Ethan and Nick are playing cards.

Angry that Cole brought in a stranger, Ethan orders Nick and another thug to get rid of Brennan. The two men take him into the alley, but Brennan uses a series of swift moves to take them out. He then turns to find Ethan behind him, flanked by two men with guns. Before they can fire, however, Brennan fires coils of electricity at their hands, forcing them to drop the guns.

Impressed, Ethan agrees to let Brennan join the team. Unbeknownst to Brennan, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) is watching and reporting his movements to Jesse and Lexa.

Scrolling through the security footage, Jesse learns that Michael Hayes put the hologram key in the safety deposit box, but all records of Hayes have been erased.

Meanwhile, as Ethan grills Brennan about some prison inmates he knows, Jesse uses his computer to feed Brennan information about the inmates. When Ethan asks about one of the inmate's wives, Adam breaks into Brennan's line and tells him what to say, causing Jesse to wonder how Brennan got the information.

At Sanctuary, Lexa's Dominion contact informs her that Hayes used to work for the Dominion, but is now dead. He stresses the importance of Brennan leading them to intercept the disk.

Later, Cole and Brennan leave to meet the others and prepare for a job. Together with Nick, the three cover their faces with bandanas and hold up an armored truck.

As they force the guards out of the truck, one of them pulls down Cole's bandana. Nick is about to shoot him, but Brennan intervenes and hits the man with an electrical bolt, saving his life. They take the truck to Ethan, who is furious that Brennan left the guard alive.

At Sanctuary, Jesse traces a call to Ethan's cell phone and Shalimar and Lexa rush to the location, but it's a dead end.

Meanwhile, Brennan and the band of criminals plan their next heist and Brennan puts his comlink ring in his pocket, cutting off contact with Mutant X. A short time later, Lexa enters the bar and walks over to Brennan and Cole, acting as if she's Brennan's former lover. He leads her to a private booth where she accuses him of being out of control and not keeping Mutant X informed. He tells her about the job they're pulling that night and she insists he make sure Ethan gets the disk and leads them to the buyer.

The next morning, Brennan and the gang pose as guards and drive the armored truck to a bank. As Brennan, Nick and Ethan are let through to the vault with their delivery, Cole stays behind with the security guard.

Arriving at the vault, the bank manager is waiting for them. Nick suddenly shoots the security camera as Ethan aims his gun at the manager. Before he can pull the trigger, however, Brennan knocks the manager out with a swift punch. Remembering their warning about witnesses, Brennan grabs Ethan's gun and fires at the manager. Unbeknownst to everyone but Brennan, however, the bullet missed the man. Brennan then removes a hologram key from the manager's pocket and hands it to Nick, who follows Ethan into the vault. They use both hologram keys to open a safety deposit box and remove the disk inside.

Suddenly noticing that Brennan has disappeared, Ethan takes the opportunity to shoot Nick. Seeing the murder from the hallway, Brennan then finds Cole and informs him that Ethan killed Nick and has double-crossed them. Knowing time is limited, Brennan asks Cole to take him to the meeting area where the buyer is going to be.

Arriving at a parking structure, Ethan walks towards an awaiting car. When a bag filled with money is dropped from the car's window, Ethan tosses the disk into the car. Brennan appears and knocks Ethan back with a tesla coil. He is just about to shoot another blast at the car, but stops when he sees Adam in the driver's seat.

Just then, Shalimar rushes up and Brennan tells her the buyer got away, but the disk has been destroyed. Shalimar's feral senses pick up movement and they turn to find Ethan approaching with his gun aimed at Brennan. Brennan quickly fires off a massive bolt of electricity, frying Ethan for good.

That night at Sanctuary, Adam's hologram appears to Brennan and reveals that Hayes was a friend of his and that the disk is encrypted with proof of wrong doings within the Dominion and he is working to decipher it.

Warning Brennan that Mutant X will soon be tested to their breaking point, Adam fades away.

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