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Mutant X Articles: 4/10/04, 4/26/04 "Dream Lover"

Comics Continuum 4/10/04 and 4/26/04


Tribune Entertainment has provided The Continuum with story information for "Dream Lover," the episode of Mutant X airing in syndication the week of April 26. Here's how the episode is described: "Mutant X must stop a scientist from cloning women for use as slaves in his ultra-exclusive men's club."

Jennifer Steede guest-stars in the episode as Gia, a friend of Shalimar's. Ted Whittall plays Sebastian Conway, the club owner.

The episode was written by Mark Amato and directed by Bill Corcoran.

Look for more Mutant X news on Monday here in The Continuum.


"Dream Lover," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Mark Amato and directed by Bill Corcoran.

Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Inside an exclusive club, a beautiful woman, Gia Duchamps (Jennifer Steede), tells Britney Zadora (Amy Lalonde), that something's wrong about the club, but Britney just ignores her.

When a businessman approaches, Britney's demeanor instantly changes and she embraces him. They walk off and when Gia locks eyes with the club's owner Sebastian Conway (Ted Whittall), she quickly turns away.

Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Shalimar's (Victoria Pratt) phone rings and when she answers, Gia, who¹s an old friend of hers, pleads for her help. Before Gia can tell Shalimar where she is, Sebastian takes the phone from her and hangs up.

He leads Gia down a corridor but she breaks free of his grasp just as two bouncers appear. Gia's eyes glow a feral gold as she fights them, but Sebastian subdues her with a taser.

A short time later, Gia is strapped to a gurney in a lab beneath the club. Sebastian watches as Nolan Blackledge (Matt Gordon) uses an infrared laser to scan Gia's body. Suddenly, millions of organic nanobots pour onto the empty gurney next to Gia, creating a perfect clone.

In Sanctuary, Brennan (Victor Webster) reminds a distraught Shalimar that she's helped Gia many times, but the girl has never been able to stay out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Sebastian watches alongside wealthy businessman Kevin Gitre (Craig Warnock) as Nolan works to turn Gia's clone into the perfect woman Gitre is paying for. Nolan tells Gitre that the clone is a form of organic nanotechnology that will never age and will do what she's told.

Satisfied, Gitre hands a briefcase of money to Sebastian, who warns that if he tells anyone about their agreement, it would be very costly.

Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar reveals to Lexa (Karen Cliche) that Gia is a feral she was close to before joining Mutant X.

Jesse enters and says Gia's call came from a high-class club where girls are paid to entertain the clientele.

Shalimar heads to the club but when she sees Gia, the girl clearly does not recognize her. Shalimar tries to talk to her, but Gitre arrives and after introducing himself to Shalimar, he leads Gia away.

Shalimar returns to Sanctuary where Jesse tells her he's learned Gitre's married with two children and has a loft in the city.

Brennan and Shalimar head to the loft where they find Gitre and Gia¹s clone engaged in a lewd act. Believing Sebastian sent them for more money, Gitre starts talking about the terms of their agreement.

Before he can say too much, Gia grabs a crystal pyramid from a table and plunges it into his back. Just before Gia leaps out of the window, Brennan and Shalimar see a retinal shimmer in her eyes. When they rush to the window, they see Gia's nanobots dissolve and reform on the sidewalk, allowing her to walk away.

Later, Sebastian and Nolan use a retinal scan on Gia's clone to learn what happened from her point of view and Sebastian recognizes Shalimar from the club.

Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa decide to pose as girls looking for work to find out what's going on at the club. That night, they arrive at the club dressed provocatively and after Sebastian takes a look at them, he tells them to start right away.

Back at Sanctuary, Jesse visits the club's website and after entering false bank account records, a webcam hostess welcomes him. Jesse learns from the woman that if a client shows interest in one of the girls, they are led to the Platinum Lounge to get better acquainted.

Jesse tells this to Brennan, who comlinks Lexa that women are being sold and that something happens to them in the lounge.

Lexa joins Shalimar at the bar and Sebastian appears and says someone wants to get to know Shalimar better. He leads Shalimar to the Platinum Lounge and when two bouncers attack her, she responds with a series of quick moves.

Sebastian shocks her with a taser and takes her to the lab. He tells Nolan to clone Shalimar's brain as well as her body so they can use what she knows to their advantage.

In the club, Lexa comlinks Jesse, who tells her Brennan¹s on his way to the club posing as a wealthy businessman. He adds that the club is run by Nolan, an ex Genomex employee who specializes in nanobot technology.

Just then, Shalimar's clone appears and tells Lexa that the man in the lounge would like to meet her as well. As Lexa makes her way to the lounge, Brennan arrives and is greeted by Sebastian, who introduces him to Shalimar.

Unaware she's a clone, Brennan follows Shalimar into the Platinum Lounge to talk privately.

At Sanctuary, Jesse is surprised when Lexa appears and says Brennan and Shalimar have everything under control at the club, so she came to help him. She suddenly kisses him and when she pulls away, Jesse sees a retinal shimmer in her eyes and he realizes she's a clone. He masses out just before she fires lasers at him, then knocks her down and runs out.

Meanwhile, Brennan is waiting for Shalimar by a Jacuzzi when Jesse comlinks him and says Lexa has been cloned. Shalimar's clone enters and Brennan is caught off guard when she grabs his head and forces him under the water.

Meanwhile, Jesse realizes that since the clones are based in nanotechnology, they are vulnerable to electricity. When Lexa's clone nears, Jesse shocks her with CPR paddles and the nanobots dissolve. He comlinks Brennan, who barely has time to hear what he says before Shalimar's clone dunks him again.

In the lab, Nolan tends to Shalimar, but when he turns his back, she gets up and takes him out with a swift kick. She comlinks Jesse and learns that her clone is attacking Brennan so she runs upstairs and finds her clone about to kill him.

The two Shalimars fight each other and when Brennan rolls up a tesla coil, he can't tell them apart. When he sees the retinal shimmer in the clone's eyes, he hits her with a massive bolt of electricity. Hearing someone approaching, Brennan and Shalimar act quickly and when Sebastian and his two bouncers enter, Shalimar poses as the clone and tells them Brennan's body is in the Jacuzzi. Brennan then jumps up and takes the bouncers out while Shalimar knocks the taser from Sebastian's hand. Brennan fires a tesla coil at him and when Sebastian dissolves, they realize he¹s a clone and Nolan is behind everything.

Meanwhile, Jesse phases into the lab and unties Lexa just as Nolan enters. When Brennan and Shalimar arrive, Brennan fries Nolan with a huge tesla coil, closing the club for good.

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