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Mutant X Articles: 4/20/04, 5/3/04 "The Prophecy"

Comics Continuum 4/20/04 and 5/3/04


Tribune Entertainment has provided The Continuum with information regarding "The Prophecy," a new episode of Mutant X that will air in syndication the week of May 2. Here's how Tribune describes the episode:

"Brennan (Victor Webster) battles with a Guardian of the Prophecy (Timothy Burd) to stop the late mutant Ashlocke's plan from beyond the grave of world domination."

Monika Schnarre guest-stars as psionic mutant Riley Morgan. Schnarre's credits include BeastMaster, NightMan and Andromeda.

"The Prophecy" was written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.

Look for more Mutant X news soon here in The Continuum.


"The Prophecy," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.

Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Mutant Nathan Reynolds (Philip Dewilde) is being chased by the Guardian (Timothy Burd) when he phases himself through a wall into an alley. Seeing a phone booth, Nathan calls an unsuspecting Brennan (Victor Webster) and has just enough time to warn him about a Prophecy that they are both a part of before the Guardian catches up and kills him.

After tracing the call, Brennan and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) head out. Arriving at the phone booth, which is smothered in viscous goo, Shalimar senses something and pulls Brennan down, saving him from the acid-spitting Guardian lurking in the shadows.

The Mutant X pair are battling the Guardian when psionic mutant Riley Morgan (Monika Schnarre) suddenly appears and knocks the Guardian back with psiblasts. Safe for the moment, they notice Nathan¹s body stuck to the wall by crystallizing acid and Shalimar takes a sample of the goo as Brennan talks to Riley. Explaining that she is a bounty hunter after a package in the Guardian's possession, Riley allows Brennan to tag along.

Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar coldly requests Jesse (Forbes March) analyze the goo before storming off. Lexa (Karen Cliche) approaches Shalimar to help her cope with her frustrations over Brennan leaving her behind.

In Riley's car, sexual tension builds between Brennan and Riley as they wait for a lead on the Guardian¹s next victim, feral Kara Whitely (Melissa Ade).

At Sanctuary, the camaraderie is also growing between Lexa and Jesse. Jesse discovers that the Guardian is an arachnid-based transgenic hybrid and explains that the arachnid cross means it's defense system consists of an impermeable exoskeleton, poisonous stinger and ability to spit out solidifying acid.

At the same time, Riley and Brennan spot Kara's dealer and strong-arm him for information. They learn that Kara is living in her van and hangs out at a bar called Red Sky.

As Riley and Brennan leave, the Guardian lunges out of the shadows and grabs the informant, looking for the same information on Kara.

Back at Sanctuary, Lexa discovers that the Guardian is connected to Gabriel Ashlocke and is part of a group called "The Links," who are dedicated to helping Ashlocke take over the world. Psionic John Bishop (Wayne Best), the most powerful precog, is one of the Links and is currently being held at an asylum.

Shalimar and Jesse pay Bishop a visit where they find him heavily medicated. All of a sudden, Bishop has a moment of lucidity and grabs Shalimar's hand while calling out her name. Pulling away, a shocked Shalimar comlinks Lexa to record Bishop's mumbling.

Later at Sanctuary, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa work to decipher the recording and after playing it backwards, they hear Bishop proclaim "From the Blood of Four/Will come Our Son...Once All Signs Pass/If the Links Remain/The Heart of Ashlocke/Will Live Again."

Before Shalimar rushes off to see Bishop for more leads, she insists they keep this from Brennan since Riley is a telepath and they don't know if they can trust her.

Left alone, Lexa and Jesse flirt as they discuss Brennan and Shalimar's relationship. Things between them are just heating up when their computer search for Riley alerts them. After reading that Riley is a Link, Lexa decides to inform Brennan.

At the bar, Riley takes a break from Brennan to cool down from their steamy conversation. While she's away, Jesse and Lexa comlink him and fill him in on the Links' mission of establishing a new world order and that Riley's involved. When Riley returns, Brennan sees that she has telepathically learned that he knows everything.

Before she can explain, Riley spots Kara and they take off after her. They corner Kara outside and try to calm her down but the Guardian appears and kills her. Brennan hits him with a tesla coil, but Riley stops him and lets the Guardian escape.

Meanwhile, Shalimar is with Bishop at the asylum looking for more details on the Prophecy. She is greatly concerned when Bishop declares "The Child will be born, but for our hold to last, all four signs must come to pass: The Moon will fall; Two Bloods will be dashed; the child will choose; and the mountain will crash."

Outside the bar, Riley admits that she was once involved with Ashlocke but claims he lied to her and she is now on Brennan's side. They search Kara's van and find pictures of "The Child," who Riley says is Ashlocke's second coming.

She then shocks Brennan by revealing the Child is their biological son, along with Nathan and Kara. She explains that the Links worked at Genomex and gathered mutant DNA from the four of them to create the Child. Riley says that they must stop the signs that herald the Child's transformation in order to prevent the Prophecy from coming true.

Meanwhile, Shalimar is at the asylum and relays what Bishop says about the Child's coming to Jesse and Lexa. Based on what Bishop reveals, Jesse comlinks Brennan with a possible location for the Guardian and he and Riley rush off. They find the Guardian with the Child and engage in battle. As Brennan and Riley batter the Guardian with their combined powers, the Child looks on helplessly.

All of a sudden, the Child raises his hands at Brennan and Riley and the two are thrown back against a wall. When they regain their feet, they see the Child and Guardian are gone. They are further disturbed when they realize they just witnessed the third sign, "The Child will choose."

At Sanctuary, Jesse researches mountain ranges hoping to decipher the fourth sign "The mountain will crash." He comlinks Brennan with what he's certain is the location and Brennan in turn calls Shalimar for backup.

A short time later, Brennan and Riley are making their way through a tunnel inside of the mountain range when two Links appear and attack them. Shalimar arrives just as the mountain begins to crumble and as she and Brennan take out the Links, Riley runs off to find the Child. Using her feral senses, Shalimar tracks Riley and they find her linked psionicly to the Child.

Breaking the connection, Riley explains that the Child isn't evil and that she wants to protect him. She tells Brennan that the Child wants him to join them, but he insists he cannot do so.

When they hear the Guardian approaching, Brennan makes a decision and tells Riley to take the Child and leave. He the comlinks Jesse, who has found a weakness in the Guardian's arachnid structure. Armed with this information, Shalimar takes the Guardian down for good.

The next day, Shalimar visits Bishop and asks what the future holds for Mutant X. Bishop simply tells her that the final battle is upon them and that "Four will begin. True love will call. One will betray...And one will fall."

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