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Mutant X Articles: 4/24/04 Mutant X cancelled

Comics Continuum 4/24/04


The future of the Mutant X television series is in doubt this week after comments from one of its cast members that the show has been canceled. Although a fourth season pick-up was previously announced, a representative of Tribune Entertainment on Friday told The Continuum that the state of the show hasn't been formally decided yet.

Karen Cliche, who plays Lexa Pierce, earlier this week posted on her web site that the show was over. Here's Cliche's post: "Just thought I would be the first to let you know before it has been officially announced that Mutant X is canceled. We are all very sad. Don't know when they will make it official, but we have (the cast) been advised that we aren't going (for) another season. We are all now trying to go on with our lives and careers, and who knows? This could be an opening of wonderful opportunities for many people. Always look at the bright side!"

The third season of Mutant X will end next month with a cliffhanger.

Look for more Mutant X news on Monday here in The Continuum.

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IGN Film Force 4/26/04

Mutant X, Andromeda Cancelled Production company Fireworks shutters.
by KJB

April 26, 2004 - Andromeda and Mutant X will be coming to an end, thanks to the closing of Canadian producer Fireworks. In an announcement on Friday, Fireworks owners CanWest Global Communications made public its plan to close the doors of the Toronto based producer and sell its library of productions. According to a CanWest spokesman, discussions were underway with a number of interested parties.

Fireworks was the primary producer for a number of series, mostly action / adventure shows for the U.S. syndication market. As the demand in the U.S. for such programming has declined over the past few years, Fireworks was faced with rising debt. While there could be potential for the series to continue with another producer, that possibility seems unlikely. Karen Cliche, who plays Lexa Pierce on Mutant X, announced that the series was cancelled on her personal website over the weekend, so the future doesn't look too bright.

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda was recently part of a large sale to the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel which added the series to its Friday night lineup several weeks ago. A deal for the next season to air exclusively on Sci-Fi may save that series from extinction but the possibility is remote at best. According to a number of industry insiders, Sci-Fi Channel would not have the money required to take up the slack from losing Fireworks as a co-production partner.


Cult TV 5/04

Mutant X lacks the power to avoid cancellation

The third series of Mutant X which comes to Sky One in June will be the show's last. With the closure of the production company Fireworks Entertainment the drama, featuring a team of humans possessing extraordinary powers, has been cancelled.

Starring Victoria Pratt as Shalimar Fox and Victor Webster as Brennan Mulwray, a mutant who can generate electricity, Mutant X follows the adventures of the human mutants, altered through secret experiments conducted by Genomex's covert government project.

When the project leaders decide the experiment has spun out of control and attempt to hunt down and recapture their newly created charges, the members of Mutant X seek out their own kind to help them come to terms with their extraordinary abilities and protect them from the government forces.

Picking up from last season's cliffhanger ending which saw the Mutant X team in disarray following the collapse of the Naxcon corporation, the third year sees the disappearance of John Shea's Adam Kane, the leader of Santuary, and the arrival of the new mutant Lexa Pierce, played by Karen Cliche, who can bend light to make herself invisible and create light bursts.

With the international syndication market drying up Canadian studios and independent production companies have been hit the hardest. In recent months the Toronto-based Alliance Atlantis dissolved its production division, leaving only its involvement with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise.

CanWest Global Communications, which owns Fireworks Entertainment, will write off the company's losses and is currently looking to sell its film and television library. While some of the existing series currently in production can be moved to CanWest's subsidiary Global Television, along with the cancellation of Mutant X the future of the Gene Roddenberry science fiction drama Andromeda, now in its fourth year, also remains uncertain.

Into the Moonless Night, the third season premiere of Mutant X, comes to Sky One on Monday 7 June, repeated the next day on Sky One Mix.

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Broadcasting and Cable 5/17/04

Hot Seat
By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/17/2004

When Fireworks Entertainment found itself in financial straits, it put Tribune Entertainment in the hot seat. Fireworks, a division of CanWest Global, produces action hours Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and Mutant X in concert with Tribune. Tribune handles domestic distribution; Fireworks services international.

Fireworks' cost-cutting dilemma, brought on largely by the deteriorated state of the international TV market, forced it to consider dropping both shows. Enter Tribune Entertainment President Dick Askin, who persuaded Fireworks to keep producing Andromeda. The show is going into its fifth season, performs internationally, and starts a deal with the Sci Fi Channel this fall in which the original episode will premiere on cable, then air a week later in broadcast syndication.

"Because of Roddenberry and star Kevin Sorbo, Andromeda always has been a bigger project on a global basis," Askin says.

Mutant X isn't as lucky. Fireworks ceased production, though the show is renewed for its fourth season and scores domestically. But internationally, it wasn't profitable. "When we got into both of these projects," Askin says, "the foreign market was much stronger than it is now."

Mutant X will air in best-of repeats on stations next fall, and Askin hopes another foreign production company will step into the breach, allowing Tribune to restart production for season five. "It would be challenging to reassemble the cast and crew," he says, "but we'd be able to relaunch if we could find the right partner."

For now, Tribune has been unable to find the partner it needs to meet an October premiere date.

A third action hour, Tribune's Beastmaster, is exiting broadcast syndication after three seasons, two in original production. It premieres on Sci Fi in September.

"The international market is improving, but it still has a long way to go," Askin says. "The consensus is that it will never get back to where it was five years ago."

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