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Mutant X Articles: 5/15/04 "The Assault"

Comics Continuum 5/15/04


"The Assault," the third-season finale of Mutant X, will air in syndication next week. The episode is written by Peter Mohan and directed by Andrew Potter. Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with major spoilers.

At Sanctuary, Lexa's (Karen Cliche) Dominion contact informs her that before Adam Kane died, he was working to find a way of preventing the Mutant X team's powers from being life threatening. He insists that Adam knew the date that each of the team members unstable genetic structures would cause them to self-destruct, and that Jesse's (Forbes March) expiry date passed two weeks earlier.

Since Jesse survived, the Dominion contact knows that Adam had found a cure and orders Lexa to bring Jesse in so they can run a battery of tests on him.

As Lexa downloads all of Adam's research files, Jesse enters. Lexa removes the disk and hurries out.

Seeing her comlink ring on the desk, Jesse decides to find out what she was up to.

Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) are playing pool in a bar when the attraction between them becomes too great to ignore. As they move in for a long anticipated kiss, Jesse calls and urges them to return to Sanctuary.

There, Jesse reveals that Lexa accessed Adam's private files that contain research on their genetic structure. He reveals that the Dominion sent Lexa information that shows his mutant powers should have caused him to die two weeks earlier, but one of Adam's experiments prevented it.

Thinking this all has something to do with the "Creator" they were recently warned about, Jesse decides to track Lexa via satellite.

Across town, Lexa walks up to her Dominion contact's car and hands him the disk with Adam's files.

Since she didn¹t deliver Jesse, three Dominion operatives wearing strange suits attempt to take her instead. Lexa shoots lasers at them, but the suits reflect the blasts.

Just then, Brennan and Shalimar arrive, but when they attack the operatives, they discover their powers are useless as well. Brennan and Shalimar dive for cover as an operative inserts a sub-dermal governor into Lexa¹s neck, halting all her powers. She is then handcuffed and taken away.

When Lexa is brought to see the Council Head (Jeff Seymour), he tells her that Mutant X is part of an ongoing Dominion experiment. He says the Dominion was created to direct the shape of scientific evolution, but they soon realized they could control human evolution as well.

Believing Adam may have fixed her genetic structure, he orders her to be tested. As Lexa is lead by a guard down a corridor, she breaks free and takes him out. She races to a lab and uses a computer to download a virus from Sanctuary. As she types, she looks into the camera mounted on the computer and begins speaking.

Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Brennan tells Shalimar he's been reviewing Adam's files for some proof that the rest of the team is cured as well, but has been unable to confirm which experiment worked on Jesse.

Recalling the prophecy of the Seer mutant who recently warned them that a member of Mutant X would fall, Brennan and Shalimar embrace and soon begin undressing each other.

Later, when they meet up with Jesse, he immediately notices the new connection between them.

Believing Adam may have some answers, Jesse traces his calls to an old air traffic tower.

At the Dominion, Lexa is about to enter the Creator's lair when she is hit in the neck with a hypodermic dart and falls unconscious. She awakens in a cell and is informed by the Council Head that her genetic structure isn't fixed and they're now going after Adam.

Meanwhile, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse arrive at the air tower and find Adam working with a holographic image of a DNA strand. He's shocked to hear that Jesse has passed the date of his death, but admits he doesn't know which experiment worked.

Suddenly, two Dominion helicopters appear outside and seconds later, a team of operatives burst in. As Adam leads Mutant X out a back door, Jesse masses out to give them more time. The operatives hit Jesse with missiles, which penetrate his massed out form and as he falls to the ground in pain, he's administered a sub-dermal governor.

Later, Lexa is in her cell when her contact enters and demands the access code to Sanctuary. When she refuses, Jesse is brought in, strapped to a torture device, and hit with a powerful current of electricity. Not wanting him to suffer, Lexa reveals the codes and Jesse is placed in the cell next to hers.

As the Dominion men leave, Lexa informs Jessse that she downloaded a virus into the Dominion's system, which will shut down the entire operation, including the sub-dermal governors by the time they realize she gave them fake codes.

At Sanctuary, Adam sees the video message Lexa sent from the Dominion on the computer screen. When she says she's going after the Creator, Adam reveals to Brennan and Shalimar that he is a mythical figure rumored to have been leading the Dominion since the 1800's.

As Adam traces Lexa's call, Sanctuary's alarm systems sound and the surveillance camera shows Dominion operatives preparing to blast open the doors.

Adam heads for the Helix as Brennan and Shalimar go after the operatives. Taking on the intruders, Brennan and Shalimar once again find their powers are useless. They flee across a catwalk just as an operative fires a missile which knocks Shalimar over the rail. Brennan summons all of his energy into a tower of electricity, which throws the operatives to the ground. The two then race for the Helix and Brennan thrusts the ship out of Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Lexa's Dominion contact confronts her about giving them false codes to Sanctuary. To Lexa's surprise, he then reveals that years earlier she was a rival agent of his being controlled by an implant and is the one responsible for him losing his legs. He reassures her that she's not to blame and that he was actually very instrumental in bringing her into the Dominion, but can no longer help her.

Moments later, a scientist and two operatives enter with a syringe in hand and move towards Lexa. Just then, the virus Lexa downloaded infiltrates the computer system and all of the alarms sound. With the sub-dermal governors now powerless, Jesse quickly phases into Lexa's cell and shields her from the guards. Lexa takes out one of the men with a laser beam.

As the scientist and remaining operative close in, they are suddenly shot from behind by Lexa's Dominion contact, who then informs Lexa that she is now on her own, but that they will meet again.

Arriving at the Dominion, Adam places a bomb in the Helix that can be activated remotely if they need a distraction.

Using her feral senses, Shalimar leads them to Lexa and Jesse, who are approaching the Creator's lair.

Entering the dark room, the team sees the Creator's (John Shea) silhouette. He smugly tells them that early in his life he realized humans evolve in uncontrolled ways. Knowing that he had the scientific knowledge to alter genetics, he cloned himself so he could continue his research indefinitely.

The Creator then leans forward and the team is stunned to see he is an ancient version of Adam. He claims that every aspect of Adam's life -- from who his parents were to what he studied -- was under his control.

A hologram of the DNA strand Adam was working on earlier appears and Adam soon understands the Creator has what he's been looking for his whole life.

As Adam moves closer, the Creator musters up a force field around Adam and himself separating them from the Mutant X team.

Just then, the Council Head arrives and as two guards take Adam and the Creator out of the room, two more open fire on the team. Act

ing quickly, Adam detonates the bomb inside the Helix, distracting the Dominion and buying the team some time. The explosion starts a chain reaction and the building begins to collapse.

Realizing they must get out, Brennan, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa leave Adam and race to escape the crumbling structure.

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