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Mutant X Articles: 6/3/04 Mutant X on Space

Excerpt from Newswire 6/3/04

(Toronto – June 3, 2004) From sci-fi classics to contemporary genre hits, SPACE: The Imagination Station's fall line-up has something for everyone.

"SPACE continues to expand its schedule," said Ismé Bennie, Director of Programming and Acquisitions for SPACE. "The new additions to SPACE's line-up include the new Battlestar Galactica series, a remake of the classic version; The 4400, a new six-part miniseries; the latest season of Smallville; brand new seasons of Stargate SG-1; as well as popular returning series such as Enterprise, The Dead Zone, and The Collector. We are also delighted to introduce the Monday-to-Friday strip Andromeda, as well as the cable runs of F/X: The Series and Mutant X.”

New to SPACE
Mutant X is a team of human mutants who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these mutants were altered in experiments conducted in a covert government project. Realizing it has spun out of control, the organization that created them is now hunting them down in an urgent "product recall." Mutant X's mission: to seek out their fellow mutants, help them come to terms with their astonishing abilities and protect them from their creators.

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