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Mutant X Articles: 9/1/04 S4 Best of Mutant X

Comics Continuum 9/1/04


Although no new episodes are being produced, Tribune Entertainment has revealed its plans for a fourth season of the syndicated Mutant X television series. Fifty-two different repeat episodes from the three previous seasons of the show will air weekly starting the week of Sept. 29.

Fourteen episodes will air from the first season, 19 episodes will air from the second season and 19 episodes will air from the third season.

The first two seasons featured John Shea as Adam, Victor Webster and Brennan, Forbes March as Jesse, Victoria Pratt as Shalimar and Lauren Lee Smith as Emma. In the third season, Smith was replaced by Karen Cliche, who played Lexa, and Shea guest-starred in several episodes.

While it is extremely doubtful the show will return with new episodes, sources have told The Continuum there is a "slim possibility" of a two-hour television movie that would wrap up storylines from the third season's cliffhanger.

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