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Mutant X Articles: 6/4/03 Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum 6/4/03


The third season of the syndicated Mutant X television series is tentatively scheduled to start the week of Sept. 29. Tribune Entertainment has released the schedule for the remaining episodes through the end of the second season, culminating in a repeat of the season-finale cliffhanger.

Following is a rundown:

Week of June 23: "Past As Prologue," week of June 30: "Power Play."

Week of July 7: "Whose Woods These Are," week of July 14: "The Future Revealed," week of July 21: "One Step Closer," week of July 28: "No Man Left Behind."

Week of Aug. 4: "Crossroads of the Soul," week of Aug. 11: "Hard Time," week of Aug. 18: "Final Judgement," week of Aug. 25: "Inferno."

Week of Sept. 1: "One Step Closer," week of Sept. 8: "Reality Check," week of Sept. 15: "Reawakening," week of Sept. 22: "Lest He Become."

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